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KiloHearts Disperser V1.001 (WiN And OSX)

kiloHearts Disperser v1.001 (WiN and OSX): A Versatile and Creative Snapin for Kilohearts Toolbox

If you are looking for a plugin that can add some spice and flavor to your sounds, you might want to check out kiloHearts Disperser v1.001 (WiN and OSX). This is a snapin for the Kilohearts Toolbox, which is a collection of effects, hosts, and modulators that can be combined in various ways to create unique and complex sound design. The Kilohearts Toolbox is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and supports VST, AU, AAX, and RE formats.

So, what is Disperser and what can it do? According to the official website, Disperser is "a phase rotator on steroids". It works by applying all-pass filters to different frequency bands of the input signal, which results in a phase shift that creates a subtle or dramatic comb filtering effect. This can be used to add more punch and clarity to drums, bass, synths, and vocals, or to create interesting spectral effects like flanging, phasing, chorus, or frequency shifting.

Download File:

Disperser has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you adjust the following parameters:

  • Frequency: This controls the center frequency of the phase rotation. You can drag the knob or enter a value in Hz.

  • Amount: This controls the amount of phase rotation applied to the signal. You can drag the knob or enter a value in degrees.

  • Spread: This controls the width of the frequency band that is affected by the phase rotation. You can drag the knob or enter a value in octaves.

  • Mix: This controls the dry/wet balance of the effect. You can drag the knob or enter a value in percent.

You can also use the bypass button to toggle the effect on and off, and the settings button to access more options like presets, snapin settings, MIDI learn, randomize, etc.

One of the best features of Disperser is that it can be modulated by any of the LFOs, envelopes, or other modulators available in the Kilohearts Toolbox. This allows you to create dynamic and expressive effects that respond to your input or other parameters. For example, you can modulate the frequency of Disperser with an envelope follower to create a wah-wah effect, or modulate the amount with an LFO to create a vibrato effect.

If you want to hear some examples of what Disperser can do, you can check out this [SoundCloud playlist] by SiafrinKamze, who used Disperser on various sounds like drums, bass, guitar, piano, vocals, and more. You can also watch this [YouTube video] by kiloHearts, who demonstrated how Disperser can be used to enhance drums and synths.

kiloHearts Disperser v1.001 (WiN and OSX) is a versatile and creative snapin that can add some spice and flavor to your sounds. It is available for purchase on the [official website] for $29 USD. You will also need to have the [Kilohearts Toolbox] installed on your system, which is free to download and comes with 6 free snapins. If you want to get more snapins and hosts, you can also check out the [Kilohearts Subscription], which gives you access to all 28 snapins and 3 hosts for $9.99 USD per month or $99 USD per year.


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