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How to Download and Use RNS 510 Manager for Your Volkswagen Navigation System

How to Download and Use RNS 510 Manager for Your Volkswagen Navigation System

RNS 510 Manager is a software tool that allows you to perform various service and management functions on your Volkswagen RNS 510 navigation system. You can use it to activate video in motion, change the PIN code, adjust the serial number, configure the HDD, switch between different car types, and more. In this article, we will show you how to download and use RNS 510 Manager for your Volkswagen navigation system.

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How to Download RNS 510 Manager

To download RNS 510 Manager, you need to purchase it from an authorized dealer. The price is EUR 449 or USD 599. You can find some online dealers by searching for "rns 510 manager download" on the web[^1^] [^2^] [^3^]. After you purchase the software, you will receive a link to download it and a license key to activate it. You will also need a USB cable to connect your RNS 510 device to your computer.

How to Use RNS 510 Manager

To use RNS 510 Manager, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install the software on your computer and run it.

  • Connect your RNS 510 device to your computer using the USB cable.

  • Select the COM port that corresponds to your device and click "Connect".

  • Enter your license key and click "OK".

  • Select the function that you want to perform from the menu. For example, if you want to activate video in motion, select "Video In Motion" and choose the speed limit that you want.

  • Click "Write" to apply the changes to your device.

  • Disconnect your device from your computer and restart it.

Note: Some functions may require you to enter the PIN code of your device or the serial number of your device. You can find these information on the label of your device or by using the "PIN & Serial Nr." function of RNS 510 Manager. You can also change these information using the same function.

Benefits of Using RNS 510 Manager

Using RNS 510 Manager can provide you with several benefits, such as:

  • You can enjoy watching DVD, TV, or video on your navigation screen while driving (note: this may be illegal in some countries).

  • You can change the car type of your device to match your vehicle model and brand. This can solve some compatibility issues with the rearview camera, steering wheel control, cluster screen display, etc.

  • You can configure the HDD of your device to optimize its performance and storage capacity. You can also backup or restore your music files, install navigation maps from SD card, or create map-DVD images.

  • You can change the LCD type setting of your device to adapt it to different types of screens (old CCFL type, newer LED-backlight-type, RNS-810/Phaeton big screen).

  • You can access some hidden features and settings of your device, such as TSW mode, LCD test, service menu, FW downgrade enable, etc.


RNS 510 Manager is a powerful software tool that can help you enhance and customize your Volkswagen RNS 510 navigation system. You can download it from an authorized dealer and use it with a USB cable. You can perform various functions with it, such as activating video in motion, changing the PIN code, configuring the HDD, switching between car types, and more. However, you should be careful when using it and follow the instructions carefully. You should also check your local laws before enabling some features that may be illegal in your country. e0e6b7cb5c


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