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Now Available: 13 Macbook Pro Unibody Trackpad Repair Service!

Now Available: 13 Macbook Pro Unibody Trackpad Repair Service! :::

Now Available: 13 Macbook Pro Unibody Trackpad Repair Service!

Full repair services are available for all MacBook and MacBook pro models as well. From a MacBook superdrive to a MacBook battery to a MacBook memory upgrade, we can get your Apple up and running. Click Here for our send-in service.

Trackpads - fantastic things, that is until they go wrong. Apple trackpads are pretty well made, and don't normally break on their own, but anything can fail. And trackpads are also vulnerable to accidents, and to batteries expanding beneath them. Here at MacUpgrades we have a range of fixed price replacement services for your laptop's trackpad.

In most modern Apple laptops the trackpad is replaceable (even if Apple says not!) albeit with a fair amount of effort in some cases. In a lot of the Retina machines (2012-2015) Apple decided to glue the battery over the top, making replacement tricky but not impossible. Here we go through the most common causes of MacBook trackpad breakage, and list our fixed price services to replace them. If yours is not listed we can probably still do it, but there may be availability or technical challenges. Contact us for a price.

The way that Apple deals with broken trackpads in Retina MacBook Pro machines with glued in batteries is very different to what we do. In the Apple store, the trackpad is deemed as being part of the Top Case, which can vary in price from 300 - 600 dependent on model. What we do at MacUpgrades is to replace only the trackpad part (by careful removal of the glued in battery, and replacement afterwards) that way not only do you save money, but we save e-waste from the environment and time as well. Most of our repairs are complete within 2 working days (same-day available for some - please contact us).

Here is a list of our fixed price Mac trackpad replacement services. If you are unsure of the Mac model you own, you can look it up via its Serial Number or Model ID. If we don't see a trackpad service for yours listed, please get in touch, we may still be able to help you.

After trying these tactics, you may need professional Mac repair services if your MacBook is still not charging. We will discuss your repair options, costs and the services available on the market, including Apple Stores and independent repair stores.

There are a few options to replace the faulty battery. If your Mac is under warranty, get Apple to replace the battery for free. If your Mac is not under warranty, you can pay Apple Stores and Apple authorised service providers or independent repair stores to replace the battery. You can save some money if you replace the battery yourself. When you order the battery online, quote the battery model instead of the MacBook model to ensure you will get the correct battery for your MacBook. For example, the 15" A1398 MacBook Pro 2012 uses battery model A1417.

The common faults of the MacBook charging circuit are failed power management IC, failed current sensing resistors, and failed reverse-protection transistors. You need a component-level logic board repairer to fix the faulty logic board. Please see our MacBook logic board repair services if you need more detail.

Apple MacBook Pro Unibody 13" 15" 17" Trackpad Replacement 2008 - 2012 Parts & Labour. Does your MacBook Pro trackpad no loner click or no longer works at all. Minko's Macs can repair your laptop trackpad with our express repair service.

If you are still happy with the performance of your macbook pro, I would recommend replacing the battery and the trackpad (in case it was bent when it popped). The replacement parts are fairly cheap and easy to install.

We can troubleshoot & repair any issue with your MacBook Pro. Our certified technicians repair broken LCD screen, crashed hard drive or SSD, flashing folder with a question mark, water damage, keyboard, logic board repair, trackpad, replace battery and more!

We offer best high quality repairs and quick turnarounds, most services can be carried out w


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