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What You Need to Know About World of Subways Vol 1 Expansion Pack Before You Download It

jazzy journey through a cityscape where the urban soundscape has been fused with old world jazz. jazz is a timeless style that has been influenced by african tribal drumming, big band music and the rhythmic beat of the human heart. the way the brush strokes of the guitar and piano emulate the swing of the hips with a rhythmic beat that is familiar and comforting to our soul. the way it can awaken the latent creativity within us. these cinematic samples were recorded inside my studio, in a beautiful old cathedral in the heart of florence, italy. the church was built in 1302 and is one of the most important in italy and the world. the building was designed to serve the people of florence and the surrounding area, specifically the pilgrims that came to visit the city's many churches.

world of subways vol 1 expansion pack download

urban jungle is a powerful sample pack that features drums, basses, synthesizers and loops, designed to help you create the next drum and bass masterpiece. the pack contains one bass & drum loops folder, which features an array of the best bass and drum loops ranging from hard, dark beats to uplifting melodies. the pack also contains an extra drum folder, which includes all the synth loops you will need to create your own unique drum and bass creations. the other folders of the pack feature high-quality drum, bass and synth loops, perfect for adding a funky edge to your next track. the pack is a sonic collage of different styles, full of rich, warm tones. so, when you purchase this pack, you will receive an original collection of samples that will last you for a lifetime.


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