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Download the PDF of Woman in Mind, Alan Ayckbourn's Masterpiece of Comedy and Tragedy

Woman in Mind by Alan Ayckbourn PDF Download: A Hilarious and Heartbreaking Play

Are you looking for a PDF download of Woman in Mind, one of the most acclaimed plays by Alan Ayckbourn? If so, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this brilliant play and how to get your hands on a PDF copy.

woman in mind alan ayckbourn pdf download

What is Woman in Mind about?

Woman in Mind is a tragi-comedy that explores the mental breakdown of Susan, a neglected housewife who lives in a dull suburb with her vicar husband and his sister. After being hit by a rake in her garden, Susan starts to hallucinate a perfect family that loves and adores her. She also sees a handsome doctor who speaks gibberish but seems to understand her better than anyone else.

As the play progresses, Susan's fantasy world becomes more vivid and appealing, while her real life becomes more unbearable and depressing. She is estranged from her son who has joined a cult, patronised by her sister-in-law who is a busybody, and ignored by her husband who is more interested in his parishioners than his wife.

The play switches between Susan's two realities, showing the contrast between her idealised and actual life. The audience sees everything from Susan's point of view, which makes her a sympathetic and complex character. The play also has moments of humour and irony, as Susan's imaginary family is not as perfect as it seems, and her real family is not as bad as she thinks.

Why should you read Woman in Mind?

Woman in Mind is considered to be one of Ayckbourn's most affecting and original works. It was first premiered at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round, Scarborough, in 1985, and then transferred to London's West End in 1986, where it received excellent reviews. It was also nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

The play is a bold and insightful exploration of mental illness, loneliness, and family neglect. It also challenges the conventional morality of the society and the role of women. Ayckbourn wrote the play while he was on holiday in the Virgin Islands, influenced by films like Dead on Arrival and books like The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks.

The play is also a showcase for Ayckbourn's skill as a playwright and director. He uses first-person narrative and subjective viewpoint for the first time, creating a powerful and immersive experience for the audience. He also uses lighting, sound, and video effects to create the transitions between Susan's two worlds.

How to download Woman in Mind PDF?

If you are interested in reading Woman in Mind by Alan Ayckbourn PDF download, you have several options. You can buy the PDF version from online bookstores like Amazon or Google Play Books. You can also borrow the PDF from online libraries like Open Library or Internet Archive. Alternatively, you can search for free PDF downloads on websites like PDF Drive or Z-Library.

However, before you download any PDF file from the internet, make sure you check its quality and legitimacy. Some PDF files may be corrupted, incomplete, or infected with viruses. Some PDF files may also violate the copyright of the author or publisher. Therefore, we recommend that you always buy or borrow the PDF from official sources.

Who are the characters in Woman in Mind?

Woman in Mind has eight characters, four from Susan's real life and four from her imaginary life. They are:

  • Susan: The protagonist and narrator of the play. She is a middle-aged woman who suffers from depression and hallucinations. She is unhappy with her real family and escapes into a fantasy world where she has a perfect family.

  • Gerald: Susan's husband in real life. He is a vicar who is distant, cold, and insensitive to Susan's needs. He is more concerned with his parish and his hobbies than his wife.

  • Muriel: Susan's sister-in-law in real life. She is a widow who lives with Gerald and Susan. She is a meddling, nagging, and self-righteous woman who annoys Susan with her advice and criticism.

  • Rick: Susan's son in real life. He is a young man who has joined a religious cult called the Missionaries of the Garden. He has cut off all contact with his parents and only communicates with them through letters.

  • Bill: Susan's husband in her fantasy world. He is a handsome, charming, and successful doctor who loves and adores Susan. He is always attentive, supportive, and romantic to Susan.

  • Andy: Susan's son in her fantasy world. He is a smart, handsome, and cheerful young man who is studying to be a doctor like his father. He is very close to Susan and respects her opinions.

  • Tony: Susan's brother in her fantasy world. He is a fun-loving, adventurous, and wealthy man who owns a large estate where Susan and her family live. He is always friendly, generous, and humorous to Susan.

  • Lucy: Susan's daughter in her fantasy world. She is a beautiful, sweet, and talented young woman who is a successful actress and singer. She is very affectionate and loyal to Susan.

What are the themes in Woman in Mind?

Woman in Mind deals with several themes that are relevant and universal. Some of the main themes are:

  • Mental illness: The play portrays the psychological deterioration of Susan, who suffers from depression, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts. The play also shows the lack of awareness and empathy from her real family and society, who fail to recognise and help her condition. The play also questions the reliability of perception and memory, as Susan's fantasies become more real than her reality.

  • Family neglect: The play depicts the contrast between Susan's real and imaginary family, highlighting the emotional neglect and abuse she faces from her husband, sister-in-law, and son. The play also explores the effects of family neglect on Susan's self-esteem, identity, and happiness. The play also criticises the traditional roles and expectations of women as wives and mothers, who are often taken for granted and ignored by their families.

  • Religion: The play challenges the orthodox Christian morality and its inability to cope with individual unhappiness. The play shows how Susan's husband, who is a vicar, is more concerned with his religious duties than his marital ones. The play also shows how Susan's son, who has joined a cult, has become alienated and brainwashed by his faith. The play also suggests that Susan's fantasy world is a form of escapism from her reality, which is devoid of meaning and hope.

How to analyse Woman in Mind?

Woman in Mind is a rich and complex play that can be analysed from different perspectives and levels. Some of the possible ways to analyse the play are:

  • Structure: The play is divided into two acts, each consisting of four scenes. The scenes alternate between Susan's real and imaginary worlds, creating a contrast and a confusion for the audience. The play also uses various techniques to create the transitions between the two worlds, such as lighting, sound, and video effects. The play also has a circular structure, as it begins and ends with Susan lying unconscious on the ground.

  • Language: The play uses language to differentiate between Susan's real and imaginary worlds, as well as to reveal her state of mind. For example, in her real world, Susan speaks in short, clipped sentences, often interrupted by others or by herself. She also uses sarcasm, irony, and bitterness to express her dissatisfaction and resentment. In her imaginary world, Susan speaks in long, flowing sentences, full of compliments and affection. She also uses poetic and romantic language to describe her fantasy family and life.

  • Characterisation: The play creates a vivid and realistic portrait of Susan, who is the protagonist and narrator of the play. The play shows her personality, emotions, motivations, and conflicts through her actions, words, thoughts, and fantasies. The play also shows how Susan changes throughout the play, as she becomes more detached from her real world and more immersed in her imaginary world. The play also creates a contrast between Susan's real and imaginary family members, who represent different aspects of her psyche and desires.

How to appreciate Woman in Mind?

Woman in Mind is a play that can be appreciated for its artistic and theatrical merits, as well as for its social and psychological insights. Some of the possible ways to appreciate the play are:

  • Performance: The play requires a high level of skill and versatility from the actors, especially the one playing Susan, who has to portray a range of emotions and switch between two different accents and personalities. The play also demands a strong ensemble work from the rest of the cast, who have to create a contrast and a connection between Susan's real and imaginary family members. The play also offers opportunities for creative use of stagecraft, such as lighting, sound, and video effects, to create the transitions between Susan's two worlds.

  • Humour: The play is full of humour, both verbal and physical, that balances the dark and tragic aspects of the story. The play uses humour to expose the absurdity and hypocrisy of Susan's real family and society, as well as to highlight the irony and incongruity of Susan's fantasy world. The play also uses humour to engage and entertain the audience, as well as to make them empathise with Susan's plight.

Empathy: The play is a powerful and moving portrayal of a woman's mental breakdown, that invites the audience to see the world from her perspective. The play shows the causes and effects of S


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