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DJ VJ Magrao Videomix Volume 9 (2011) [DVD5][NTSC]

DJ VJ Magrao Videomix Volume 9 (2011) [DVD5][NTSC]

DJ VJ Magrao is a Brazilian DJ and video mixer who is known for his videomixes, which are compilations of music videos mixed with audio tracks. He has released several videomixes since 2006, covering different genres such as pop, dance, rock, and Latin music. His videomixes are popular among fans of video mixing and music videos, as they showcase his skills in editing, synchronizing, and blending visuals and sounds.

One of his most recent videomixes is the Volume 9, which was released in 2011. This videomix contains 40 tracks from various artists, such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Black Eyed Peas, and more. The videomix has a duration of 2 hours and 19 minutes, and it is available in DVD format with NTSC encoding. The DVD also includes a bonus track, which is a remix of Michael Jackson's "Thriller".


The videomix Volume 9 is a great example of DJ VJ Magrao's creativity and talent in video mixing. He uses different effects, transitions, and overlays to create a seamless and dynamic flow of music videos. He also matches the mood and tempo of the songs with the visuals, creating a harmonious and engaging experience for the viewers. The videomix is a perfect choice for anyone who loves music videos and wants to enjoy a variety of hits from 2011.

If you are interested in watching the videomix Volume 9 by DJ VJ Magrao, you can find it on [SoundCloud] or [Discogs]. You can also check out his other videomixes on his [official website] or his [YouTube channel].


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